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Amsterdam Rentals has been a leading service provider in the real estate industry for over 20 years.  A unique network provides specialist property-related services in exclusive, localized areas.  Now with sales, Amsterdam Property Sales is the right party to do business with.

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As Landlord / Private Owner - It is a pleasure to work with this company.

Meis Salameh

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value - Sherwin Lundall is a highly skilled and professional agent who provides good service and high quality. You can assume that he has arranged his affairs very well.

Marian Rudolphus

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What it costs to sell a house in the Netherlands

What it costs to sell a house in the Netherlands On this page, I will tell you what costs and fees to expect when you are going to sell a house in the Netherlands. Agency fees Notary fees Other costs Taxes About me: My name is Antoine. I am 28 and live in Amsterdam. I write about my experience in the Dutch real estate market. We do this to mak...

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Netherlands home prices up 16.6%; Lowest increase in a year.

Existing owner-occupied home prices in the Netherlands were 16.6 percent higher in June than the year before, the lowest increases since July 2021. Home price increases are slowing down. In May, the price increase was 18.8 percent, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reported. Dutch home prices reached a low point in June 2013 and have been increasing ever si...

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Home Purchase Assistance

For many of us buying a house is one of the most important expenses of our lives. It’s therefore the outmost importance that you know what to buy. The buying guidance of the experienced brokers of Amsterdam Property Sales will offer you many advantages. In the current market, counseling is becoming increasingly important because you have to act quickly...

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