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4th July 2022
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For many of us buying a house is one of the most important expenses of our lives. It’s therefore the outmost importance that you know what to buy. The buying guidance of the experienced brokers of Amsterdam Property Sales will offer you many advantages. In the current market, counseling is becoming increasingly important because you have to act quickly to buy a home. A purchase agent therefore offers you an advantage!  With an eye for detail, expert advice and years of experience we assist you with buying your new home. We offer you a full service purchase process and will guide you from the bidding process to the final transfer.


You will see a clear overview of all the activities that our organization undertakes:

  • Inventory of living requirements / search profile
  • Finding suitable housing based on the housing requirements
  • Organize one or more viewings at homes, and give advice on these houses and locations
  • Requesting and discussing relevant information for the selected property. Think of the legal documents, such as; proof of ownership, deed of division or deed of lease and the VVE documents.
  • Checking information at authorities (municipality, land registry, etc.)
  • Advice on the purchase strategy with all conditions
  • Advising and arranging an architectural inspection
  • Conducting negotiations with the seller
  • Notary choice and review of the purchase deed
  • The guidance with the signing of the purchase deed at the notary
  • Monitoring the important data and any action points from the purchase deed
  • The verification of the notarial documents for the transfer
  • The inspection of the home for the transfer
  • The assistance with the notarial delivery at the notary and key transfer

If you would like to know more about our services and rates, please feel free to contact us.

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