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5th June 2022
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Each year, the value of all real estate in Amsterdam is assessed according to the Valuation of Immovable Property Act

A valuation - the most objective possible appraisal of a property’s value - can be the first step towards the sale. Of course, your estate agent can make a good estimate of the realistic value (for sale) of your home. In some cases, it can be useful to have the valuation appraised by a property valuer, For instance, when valuing a property for sale that belongs to a shared inheritance.

Property valuation for a mortgage

A valuation is also needed when applying for a mortgage. Lenders require this valuation to be carried out by an approved valuer to establish the correct loan-to-value ratio.
It is possible that different valuers will arrive at different results, because a valuation is an expert estimate of the value of your property and estimates can, of course, differ.

Two types of valuation

There are two types of valuation. A validated valuation and an unvalidated valuation.
A validated valuation is needed for applying for mortgage. For other matters, for example to establish the value of a property or to appeal against a WOZ (valuation of property under the Dutch Real Estate Valuation Act) assessment, an unvalidated valuation is sufficient.

How to go about valuation

You can apply for a valuation of your property with the help of your estate agent. Please note that a valuation does not include a structural survey.

A valuer will take the following into account when valuing your home:

  • Location and surroundings
  • Zoning plan
  • Condition
  • Content and surface area
  • Functional layout
  • Construction and materials used, as well as the quality of the finish
  • Insulation and energy efficiency 
  • Rights and encumbrances, such as right-of-way and long-term land lease 
  • Market conditions

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